About the Author:

Jason Paddington is a very romantic, sensual, imaginative man, who lives in the United States.  He prefers not to divulge his age or origin, but let it suffice to say that "he is old enough to know better, young enough not to care".  He has been writing with great success for many years under several pseudonyms.

He enjoys a wide variety of pursuits, including travel, music, photography, languages, scuba diving, sailing, kayaking, reading, computers, the internet, cooking, and writing.   Of course, he also likes sex.  A lot.

Recently, he discovered that he loves to write erotic fiction.

After sharing some of his stories with friends, they encouraged him to make the stories available to a wider audience, and Jason decided to publish them online in digital format.


Jason truly enjoys hearing from his fans and tries to respond to every email he receives, although he regrets that sometimes that is not possible.

He also loves to receive specific story ideas from his fans.  If you send him an idea that he uses, he will, with your permission, use your name as one of the characters in the story, and will send you a free copy of the story.

And, to answer the many questions about Jason's marital status, we're sorry, but he is not available.


We hope that you enjoy Jason's stories - if you do, please leave feedback in our GUESTBOOK 

To send Jason your story ideas, or just to say hello, please send an email to jason@jasonpaddington.com



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