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On this page, you will find descriptions of Jason's stories and links to purchase them.

We have recently published all of Jason's stories on Amazon, and around the end of 2014, will publish them on Smashword in other formats.  If you would like to be notified as stories are published, send an email to Jason at, with "Add me to your mailing list" in the subject line of the email, or, send an email to, and you will automatically be subscribed to the list.

In the meantime, here are descriptions of the stories.

The stories!

   Adele - A beautiful story about how Jason met Adele, a buxom African-American woman, and their evening together

   Sharon and Celeste - Sharon, a delightful lady, surprises Jason by inviting her friend Celeste to join them for breakfast

   Lord Crowley and Arabella - Set in days gone by, this is the story of Lord Crowley and the daughter, Arabella, of one of his serfs

   The Coatroom - A very short, fast-paced story of an encounter Jason had at a wedding.  Fun!

   Sharon Mae - How Jason met Sharon Mae, a 68 year old, attractive widow, and how they spent their morning together

   Getting Acquainted with Emmy - Jason spends the morning with Emmy, a sweet, artistic, shy woman with strong desires repressed for too long

   Stranded - Jason stops to help Jan after her car slides off the road in a bad snowstorm, and ends up stuck as well

   Postal Breakdown - Dianne's mail truck breaks down at Jason's house, turning out to be exactly the right place and time

   First Meeting with Lucy - This is a story of Jason's first face to face meeting with the delightful, delectable Lucy

   Lily - Jason is happily seduced by a friend's elderly mother.  Very sweet.

   Connie's Surprise - Jason decides to help Connie fulfill her long held fantasy

   Mona - Jason finally meets Mona after months of corresponding.  Explosive!

   Deb at the Salon - Jason stops in for a haircut and Deb, his stylist, ends up with her fantasy fulfilled

   A Morning with Lucy - Jason spends a morning with Lucy, a beautiful, sexy, sensual, delightful woman

   A Nice Cup of Tea - Jason visits for tea, but what happens next makes him forget about the tea

   Mona and Sunny - Jason and Mona have a wonderful visit with their close friend, Sunny

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